Keep Your Family Healthy and Happy with A Clean Grill.

“Our grill looks great! Professional, kind employees. Feel much better about cooking on our grill now!” – Elizabeth E., Mesa

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Nobody Likes a Greasy, Grimy Grill.

But Did You Know…

A dirty grill is not only unsightly, it’s extremely unhealthy too. It’s bad for your food, bad for your health, and bad for your grill. All that black, crusty gunk under your grill grates is filled with toxins, carcinogens (cancer-causing agents), and probably rodent droppings too. When you cook, that stuff heats up, and the fumes rise up into your food. Yuck!

But let’s face it – BBQ grills are a pain to clean! Sure, scraping off the grill grates is pretty simple, but digging out all that grime and gook underneath is just nasty. You can end up making more of a mess than you started with. Well, now you’re off the hook. BBQ Grill Cleaners is here to do the dirty work for you. Give us a call, and relax. Here’s what our proprietary process will do for your grill…

Removes Harmful Carcinogens

Our process gets rid of all the burnt food that could be harming your family with toxic fumes.


Residue from cooking meats on your grill builds up over time, even if you scrape your grill grates. Chemicals in that residue are carcinogenic. Let us get rid of them with a complete grill cleaning!

Extends the Life of Your Grill

Cleaning your grill properly will prevent future corrosion and make your grill last longer.


Chemical reactions that take place when you use your grill corrode your grill’s components. If you want your grill to last longer and work better, keep it  clean. Give us a call today, to schedule a cleaning!

Makes Grilled Food Taste Better

You love the taste of barbecued food? You'll love it even more when it's cooked on a clean grill.


It’s true – a clean grill makes bbq taste better! Fumes from the gunk under your grill grates penetrate your food and can make meats and vegetables taste bitter. Get more compliments with a clean grill!

Protects Your Family and Pets

Our environmentally, human, and pet-friendly process ensures your whole family is safe.


Harsh cleaning chemicals are harmful to you and your loved ones. Toxins from cleaners are difficult to remove and can get into your food and drip down to where your pets and kids spend their time. Yuck!


“My grill looks like new! The cleaning process was neat and efficient. What a great idea!” – Kelli S., Phoenix


You just sit back and enjoy your shiny, healthy, happy grill.

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Let’s Get That Dirty Grill Sparkly Clean

No one likes cleaning their BBQ grill, but it’s something that needs to be done regularly, for the health of your family and your BBQ – not to mention making your grill look great! Let us take the work off your hands. We’ll do a quality, thorough job, and you’ll be able to relax and enjoy cooking on your like-new grill!


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“Your knowledgeable tech did a great job!” – Brandon J., Phoenix


How much does it cost?2018-04-25T09:53:57-07:00

For grills that are 36” or less in width (the cooking surface, not the overall grill), the cost is $224. For grills over 36” wide, it’s $274. (So, $199/$249 with the $25 off promotion for first time customers.)

What is your process?2017-09-22T18:18:59-07:00
  • We come to your house with a trailer that has a dunk tank in it, that heats up.
  • The tech takes all the removeable parts from the grill, and puts them in the dunk tank.
  • While that is heating up and the parts are soaking, he’ll come back to the grill and clean it thoroughly inside and out.
  • Anything that can be removed from the grill, we’ll get off. We can remove about 90% of anything that’s stuck to the grill.
  • Then he goes and scrubs up the parts that are soaking, puts it all back together, and polishes the outside to get it looking great!
Will it look new?2017-09-22T18:15:54-07:00

We don’t promise that it will look new, but we are able to remove between 90% and 95% of all the stuff that has built up. Even though they call it “stainless steel,” it does become discolored over time, with all the heat from cooking, etc.

Will your guy leave a mess?2017-09-22T18:19:26-07:00

That’s a great question. You don’t want more of a mess to clean up than when we started!

No, our tech puts down a tarp before starting and makes sure the area is cleaned up before he leaves.

How long does it take?2017-09-22T18:17:02-07:00

It usually takes between one and a half and two and a half hours, depending on the condition of the grill.

Do I have to be home when he cleans it?2017-09-22T18:20:42-07:00

We would prefer it, but if you aren’t able to be there, it’s okay, as long as we have access to the grill and a working power outlet. If that’s the case it’s fine. You can just leave a check under the mat or somewhere we can find it by the grill, etc.

Do you clean […] type of grill?2017-09-22T18:21:32-07:00

Yes, as far as I know. If the technician determines it’s not something he can do for some reason, he will let you know. But that hasn’t happened so far! 😊

Can you repair my grill? (Do you have parts?)2017-09-22T18:10:08-07:00

A lot of issues with grills can be corrected with a good cleaning. We do carry batteries for igniters that need the battery replaced. But if other parts or repair are needed, we recommend Mr. Appliance here in Phoenix. They do great work.

Would you like their number?

It’s: 602-501-0099. You can talk to Chase, and if you let him know we sent you, he’ll take great care of you.

Do you replace the bricks (charcoal, anything really…)?2017-10-12T09:16:41-07:00

At this time, we just do the cleanings. If the bricks need to be replaced, we can dispose of them so you can easily add new ones. They’re available at Home Depot or anywhere that sells barbeque grills.

Can you clean my oven?2017-09-22T18:04:47-07:00

At this time, we just clean outside grills. Our insurance doesn’t cover work inside your home.

How long have you been in business?2017-09-22T18:19:15-07:00

We started in May of this year, but we purchased a system that has been in use for over 15 years, and they trained our techs on the process. So, we know what we’re doing. 🙂

What areas do you cover?2017-05-10T18:59:06-07:00

We cover all of the North Valley. From North Scottsdale in the east to the 17 freeway in the west, and all the way north to Anthem. But if you live outside that area and need service, let us know. We have relationships with other excellent companies throughout the Valley, and we’re expanding quickly!


How often should I clean my grill?2017-09-22T18:11:51-07:00

It depends on how much you use your grill. We recommend a thorough cleaning quarterly (every 3 months) for medium to heavy use, and every 6 months for light use.

How long does a grill cleaning take?2017-04-29T03:35:03-07:00

A typical appointment to clean your bbq grill takes between one and two hours, depending on the size and condition of your grill.

Is your grill cleaning process “green?”2017-04-29T03:37:26-07:00

Yes. The cleaning products we use are certified safe and green. While very effective, our proprietary process and products are safe for your grill, your family, and the environment.